Mohawk Beckett Cambric Paper Promotion: Wine Journal

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Two weeks ago I talked about Sappi’s paper promotion 10401—specifically one of the items inside the book. This week, I pulled from my paper archives a promotion from Mohawk for their Beckett Cambric paper line. The Beckett Cambric paper line is a linen finish paper and comes in a wide variety of colors including dark green, burgundy, chocolate, navy and black.

Beckett Wine Promotion

Paper companies tend to go all out when it comes to paper promotions and and are willing to use many printing methods such as foil stamping, embossing, die cuts and other cool printing techniques to show how well the paper handles these special processes. This book is no exemption. It is a beautifully designed, tasteful, informative and useful piece. From the simple slip cover that protects the book, to the clear foil stamped covers with little illustrations of leaves, to the multitude of metallic pantone colors that adorn the pages. Care has gone into how the book feels in your hand and how you can use it as a wine journal to jot your own notes about the varietals you’ve experienced. This book just oozes sophistication and richness—very much like a fine wine.

Interior journal view

Every paper color is included in the book as it is of course advertising the paper itself. Dark sheets are used just for informative copy while the lighter color sheets are used for journal pages. And like every paper promotion book out there, a full page of credits is included. From paper and ink choices to the designer and printer, all are listed in the back of the book.

This particular paper promotion was designed by Michael Osborne Design in San Francisco. The writer, printer, and illustrator are all from California as well. A quick visit to the website of the designer shows they are a 15 person firm specializing in branding and packaging—and wow have they done some nice packaging design. From Target’s Archer Farms brand to Kettle Brand Potato Chips to wine labels, they produce some really beautiful work. Turns out, being in California, 1/3 of their business is designing wine labels. A nice tie-in to the wine journal.

The paper book itself is part information book and part journal. The information pages feature copy about the different varietals of wines, bottle shapes, accoutrements, wine glass shapes, food and wine pairings, and wine tasting. All of the copy about wine is written with a nod to paper choice making a nice little comparison between choosing a wine and choosing your paper. The wine tasting section is very cute as the three key descriptors of wine—color, texture, finish—all relate to paper selection. Little illustrations are sprinkled throughout the sections and are very simple fitting nicely with the copy. The journal pages feature perforated sheets if you feel inclined to tear them out and space to write your own notes about the wine itself.

The typefaces are a nice mix of serif and sans-serif. The type layout is clean and organized and matches the simplicity of the rest of the book. The serif type is always set in all caps with wide tracking and used for headers. The body copy is set in a sans-serif with normal tracking but headers are occasionally used in the same font with wide tracking. Everything fits so well—the colors, the textures, the type, the illustrations.

Illustration close up

And what paper promotion isn’t complete unless it has a large matrix of all of the papers the mill carries in all of the different weights and colors. Always organized and easy to read, and as it is necessary, it doesn’t detract from the rest of the book.

I love paper promotions, they are really quite lovely pieces. This particular promotion I especially like. As I stated earlier, it is really useful. I’ve managed to hang on to it since 2008 and I’ve written in it sparingly, and definitely have NOT torn out any of the pages.


Mohawk Paper

Michael Osbourne Design