Chill and Spill

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I’m always awed by the paper promotions that paper companies design, print, and ship out to designers for free. A week ago I received Sappi’s 10401: 10 Ideas that Matter, from 40 designers, using 1 paper company. In it, they discuss 10 projects that are making a difference in the world and of course are all printed on Sappi’s paper. But rather than talk about the design of the promo book, I thought I would focus on one of the projects in the book.

Chill and Spill Journal Cover

Chill and Spill, an art therapy journal, designed by Art with Heart. Art with Heart is a non-profit charity organization started by AIGA Seattle. The journal was designed for teenagers with troublesome backgrounds as a a way for them to cope with what they are going through. It is a tool to help them decipher their feelings and work through challenges in their lives in a creative way. The journal itself is filled with illustrations from several artists and includes questions, activities, and blank pages for the teens to create their own works of art.

Chill and Spill Journal Cover Closeup

The cover features illustrations of many different faces with the title and description hand drawn. It reminds me of being an adolescent and writing all over the covers of my notebooks. The hand drawn type helps to make this journal approachable and less intimidating. Kids with troubled backgrounds are weary of others. They may feel intimidated by something that feels institutional. But this book is different. It feels informal and friendly helping to create a sense of trust. The hand drawn informal type is carried throughout the book on the activity pages. In addition to overly large headlines, each activity page boasts color and illustrations. I think if this entire book had been set in straight type it wouldn’t be nearly as effective. The informal hand illustrated type encourages users to add their own thoughts, ideas, and sketches amongst its own.

Chill and Spill Journal Interior Cover

Chill and Spill Journal inner pages

The campaign itself has been extremely successful. Over 16,000 children have been positively affected by the chill and spill journals. It has helped them cope with everything from anger management issues to drug addictions. The reaction has also been very positive from health care professionals who use the journal in their treatment. The journal empowers the teens to help them overcome their obstacles and make better decisions.


Art with Heart

Chill and Spill Journal

Sappi Paper

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